“ SMART HANDY ” Automatic Sanitizer Tunnel, an innovation for improving the quality of life and enhance safety leading to a new sustainable way of life.

“ SMART HANDY ” Automatic Sanitizer Tunnel is made of high-strength, durable materials that comply with international standards. UVC lamps are selected with High Grade, which kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria that contaminate all kinds of items within 18 Seconds.

Does not adversely affect the respiratory system and the environment. Does not damage the contact surface when entering the machine. There is a Smart Gate System for preventing the transmission of UVC light up to two layers, guaranteeing safety for humans and all types of objects.
The number 1 product that we are proud to present.
SMART HANDY also has an automatic conveyor system. For convenience and speed in counting the number of items in and out of each day. There is a real time display, along with protecting and securing items with an automatic stop system. There is a warning signal in the event that the device has a problem with the principle of working through this automation. Thus avoiding contact between people, objects and the environment is excellent. You can be confident that users will be safe for sure.
Disinfect the germs with belongings and bags.
Works fast and can be used multiple times a day.
No negative effect on the belongings that pass into the machine.
UVC meets the required standards for disinfection.
Reduce the risk of exposure to disease.
No effect on the eyes.
Service Solution
Customer Requirement and Consultation

Focus on customer needs, Ready to give advice for you to get the best only. We offer Smart Handy, a new innovative way of life in a budget that is worthwhile for every needs.


The machine and disinfection system are designed by a team of expert engineers. Create the perfect power generator, including having expertise in maintenance can be solved within a short time.


High quality materials and equipment are selected from world-class manufacturers, for the product to achieve maximum efficiency. Every step of the production of the Smart Handy machine is under the control of our professional engineering team and standardized factory.


Carry out professional installation by experienced team, consists of expert engineers, a team of technicians who are well trained according to the course in every step and go through real work.

Commissioning Test

Conduct system inspections before and after installation to ensure compliance with standards both in terms of quality and safety. It meets the criteria set by the company.


We assure you that the company is ready to provide the best service to reward all customers. Quality check service system, maintenance, and inspect the product under the specified conditions.


Maintenance services are ready to help customers quickly with a team of knowledgeable professionals. Our team can fix problems within a short time.

After sales service

After sales service, both monitoring and follow-up to ask for satisfaction. Recheck system is working periodically to provide maximum efficiency for all customers.