“ Because of safety in life is what we always think for everyone.”

“ In a situation that Thailand and many countries around the world are facing the Covid-19 pandemic, it cannot be denied that this has completely changed everyone’s lives. There is a risk of infection with every step. It is therefore important to look for safety as the number 1 concern”

HK Management and Service Group Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer and distributor of innovative products for prevention of Covid, has therefore invented and developed a device called “Smart Handy”, a device that eliminates germs and bacteria. Reduce the risk of all types of infections.
There is research and development with Thammasat University, until certified in terms of standards and product safety in every production process. You can be confident that our products will increase the efficiency of living in the modern world in a sustainable way.
We are also determined to continue to develop and develop other products in the future. To create safety for everyone unceasingly and presenting good innovations to create a happy life.

“The innovation ideas from Thai people for Thai people.”

Vision Mission

Become a leader in the development and innovation to change the world, for a good quality of life in the New Normal way o.


Creating an organization that is ready for change

Ready to step into a new role in the New Normal way. The working atmosphere is filled with happiness. Promotion of human resource development along with having a public mind for professional excellence.

Care for the environment

Focus on social responsibility, Conduct business in an appropriate manner, it aims to enhance the quality of human life through innovations and new technologies. Towards sustainable development, both now and in the future.

Connect potential both inside and outside

Connect potential both inside and outside the organization collaborate with business partners and agencies for product research and development. Establish effective service standards.

We are committed to entrepreneurship of the new decade with innovation and pass on the good things to society.
” We create opportunities to deliver good opportunities to society… “

Jirutnicha Kitiyanun (Ooboum)

Chief Executive Officer
To build confidence and insist on the quality of our products and services. This is the reason why SMART HANDY and other innovations should be used in the future.
Technology and innovation High-performance innovations to make everyone happier.
Safety in life, create something new to meet the changing world.
Made by Thai people, standard product Invented and developed from Thai craftsmanship that not defeated by any nation in the world.
Be the only one in the world, see the importance of every life, therefore think and create the best.

Look beyond

HK Management and Service Group Co., Ltd. continues to strive for business development, and will continue to carry out the determination as a person who is trusted by all agencies that are accepted and trusted with the potential, readiness of all parts that are well-rounded, along with business expansion plans to stop and help all Thai people to be safe from Covid-19 through innovations that we have always created. We assure you that we will continue to offer good things like this.


With the potential and determination to improve the quality of products and services as well as the organizational management system to achieve maximum efficiency continuously, resulting in HK Management and Service Co., Ltd. certified as a standard.
Comprehensive quality control on design, manufacture, installation, system testing, maintenance services, including international standards. At present, we are just one of the few companies in the country that have been certified for this quality control standard.



Guaranteed product standards when used in actual use. Responses that we are proud of, for example, we have gained the trust of customers all over Thailand to choose from our products. This is a confirmation that we will continue to develop and create the new innovations.